Topic 5: Reflection

This week we were called to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making work free to read and free to re-use, from a content producer’s perspective. Many bloggers expressed their admiration for open access from a student’s perspective (JodieEmmaAzamMichele), thus making it quite clear how indispensable it is for students’ educational progression.

Furthermore, many comprehensibly explained the structure of open access. I  particularly liked Annaclare’s video, which showcases the main points of open access:

Finally, many indicated the advantages of open access, like Ellis did in her Haiku deck.

However, what I personally found challenging (and believe a few others did too) was listing the disadvantages from a content producer’s perspective. This is why I found Abbie’s and Holly’s posts quite insightful.

Abbie mentioned the issue of publishers’ sustainability as a potential disadvantage. This made me wonder how this could potentially be overcome.

Holly also made a point of the copyright infringements which open access may incur. One of her solutions was to license one’s work, as I also did for my own

However, I am sceptical as to whether the every-day person actually pays any attention to these licenses. Thus, I posed this question to Holly to hear her opinion on this matter.

After reading through my colleagues’ blogs, I created this Haiku deck which illustrates the advantages and disadvantages covered, regarding producers making their work both free to read and free to re-use. This process enabled me to construe the information in my mind and view the picture of “open access” as a whole.


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