Topic 3: Reflection

Writing a blog post on how to build a professional online profile enabled me to take my own advice and update my LinkedIn profile. This is something I had been putting off for a long time, as it seemed rather daunting. But after doing some research, and attending a LinkedIn workshop, I felt confident enough to start tweaking my profile. This is what it used to look like:

LinkedIn before

To see all my changes you can click here.

Something I found rather challenging, yet important, was stating all my transferable skills for each experience. I discovered that a good tactic for dealing with this is to research job postings and see which skills recruiters are looking for, then try and link these into your previous experiences. I also found that volunteering can be a great asset to one’s profile: it too equips you with transferable skills and it can give recruiters an idea of what causes you care for. This is why I expressed my concern with a particular study in Sam’s informative blog.

In her blog, Shriya talked about personal branding by mentioning the personal trainer Lucy Cronin. I thought this was a good example of someone who had used social platforms in order to create an authentic brand and to promote her services. However, it got me thinking about how personal branding could be established via a platform like LinkedIn, as I expressed in my comment.

Through reading Holly’s blog, as well as Tom’s comment on my own post, I realised that other social networks have a lot to offer as well. In my own post I talked about linking different accounts together, but Holly’s presentation gives a good idea of which platform can be used for what. For example, facebook can serve as a platform for personal branding and twitter can aid in direct communication with employers. In addition, twitter can also serve as a platform for creative marketing purposes like this clever campaign, as Vicky mentioned in her post.

With all these social networking platforms, however, it’s easy to get caught up, as we established in topic 2. I believe users first need to decide which platforms are suitable for them and whether they wish to have a single or multiple identities, then carefully create their profiles, and finally link them all together (e.g. via an page).

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