Topic 1: Reflection

Although Topic 1 was about us dipping our toes into the blogging water, it had a great impact on me. At first I was more focused on creating a clear image of what “digital residents” and “digital visitors” are. I read through Prensky’s, Le Cornu, and White’s papers so I could understand their theories. What I came to realise was that the hard part was not the research, but the self-evaluation. Applying the theories you read about, to yourself and seeing how you fit the picture.

Judging from other blog posts, many people had difficulty pin-pointing where exactly they lie on the resident- visitor continuum. Annaclaregrace mentioned that she views herself more as a resident than a visitor as well, but for reasons different to mine. I found it quite funny how two people can reach similar conclusions about themselves but through completely different means.

Regarding the digital literacy of the older generation, Sam posed a very good question about the LinkedIn statistics I presented. Why? Such a simple question, yet one that I wouldn’t have thought about if it weren’t for Sam. He made me think why people my age group do not seem to make as much use of LinkedIn as 30-49 year olds. The answer I could come up with, is because our age group perhaps lacks the tools to take full advantage of this specific online platform.

But it is moments like this, when I truly believe in having an online presence, or “being an online resident” –call it what you like. People have the opportunity to exchange ideas, and generate new ones. At the end of the day, I believe that labelling ourselves as “residents” or “visitors” is redundant. The point is to utilise the tools we have, e.g. the web, and expand our knowledge.

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