A holiday within a holiday

After having one of the most amazing weeks in Cairns, coming back to reality is not the best feeling. However, the memories from this trip will certainly be in my mind forever, and I can safely say it has been an incredible journey.

The first day we just relaxed by the man-made lagoon on the esplanade. After sun-bathing, eating lots of delicious food and partying at Gilligans, we were ready to start going on some adventures. The first one was an excursion into the rainforest. We swam in creeks, went down nature’s water-slide, and swam under the Milla-milla waterfall. (shout out to our awesome guide, Linzi!). The day after we went scuba-diving and snorkelling around none other than the Great Barrier reef. Its true what they say…they don’t call it great for nothing.

Following the GBR, we went to Cape tribulation, which is where the rainforest meets the ocean. We even stayed in the rainforest overnight, and actually survived. Having no phone reception or wifi for 48 hours was challenging yet eye-opening. On the last day, we went horse riding on the beach and managed to canter quite a lot.

Overall, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime and this footage doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

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