A day at the Museum of Contemporary Art

While we still have some free time on our hands, my friend and I were thinking of something we could do that was fun, nearby and free- we are students don’t judge. So we thought to check out the Museum of contemporary art. Its situated right on George street, in the rocks area, so it is easy to get to and there is a beautiful view of the harbour bridge and the opera house from the cafe on level 4. museum First we decided to check out level 1 where there was an exhibition called Energies, by Australian artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding. There was a massive interactive screen which you could control with your hand and body alignment, and also, a sound-proof room where there was complete silence and (supposedly) you could hear your own heartbeat. 11830070_10153454667704449_968993230_n

After that we went up to level 2, where there were some cool paintings and other artsy stuff (you can probably tell I’m not a connoisseur of the arts). 11805985_10153454667249449_1957526259_n11815898_10153454667354449_1239464953_nThe good stuff was on level 3 however. There was an exhibition called “My fellow Aus-tra-aliens”  by who is now my new favourite artist: Aleks Danko. His dark humour and outstanding creativity really made this my favourite part of the museum.

“Danko creates objects that take language and attempt to make it into something more concrete. These are works that are designed to be read aloud. You will find yourself uttering and muttering as you unravel the playful pieces.”

This was exactly what we did: stared at the art and read everything that we thought was funny, out loud. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a whole essay for ya:



11805688_10153454667204449_1918874431_n  11830068_10153454666744449_1161345472_n11815621_10153454666819449_1394294389_n11830225_10153454666624449_1881634878_n11823854_10153454666724449_910243684_n11823949_10153454667279449_914025145_n

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