Sydney calling

11025741_10153116945924449_8847467612924295969_n And so it begins! After months of nail-biting and Sydney-dreaming I received official confirmation that I will indeed be attending the University of Sydney in July. So through my blog I will be describing every step of the way, sometimes via written articles and sometimes via videos. It will mainly be addressed to students that wish to embark upon a similar journey but by all means, if you are a random person stumbling upon this blog you can still have a read-through…you never know right?

Although spending a semester overseas will entail hard work, like fixing a visa, accommodation, flights, funding and skyping my supervisor from the other side of the world, it will be worth it!

But before I start dreaming about koalas and “chucking shrimp on the barbie mate” first things first:


Of course before you do any type of organising you must follow the 3-step procedure: Complain about everything you need to do, Make a list about everything you need to do, Eventually do everything you need to do. Number one is done to the max…trust me. So now its make-a-list time:

  1. Receive email from host University
  2. Follow application procedure from email of host University
  3. Get Student (?) Visa
  4. Research bursaries and funding
  5. Choose modules
  6. Find accommodation
  7. Book flight tickets ($$$)
  8. Meet with supervisor before departure
  9. Meet with other future Sydney students before departure
  10. Some other paperwork for sure

So stay tuned whilst I tackle this list one item at a time…

4 thoughts on “Sydney calling

  1. victoriareed2014 says:

    I’m at southampton too and have been accepted to study at Adelaide in Australia starting in July! I completely agree with your complaining about everything you need to do and I have written endless lists but still haven’t got around to doing most of them! Good luck with your preparations and hope you enjoy your time in Sydney!! Victoria


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